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The Right Side of the Issue by Tony Dishman


Here at Heartland we have a number of important ministries. We are involved at a number of levels in the community, country and world. We have missionaries serving in places like China, El Salvador and Zambia. I am sure that if all truth was known, there are folks here at Heartland supporting other works around the world. Being said, there are ministries we support that are vital to our community right here in Kansas City. Synergy Services is one of these important ministries. Today we launch a coat drive for the women and families served by Synergy Services. Our hope is to bring some warmth to those in need this coming winter. I ask you to consider how this work ties into the teaching of Jesus recorded by the gospel writer Matthew. In Matthew 25 Jesus teaches His disciples some important lessons to prepare them for the long wait for His return. Those lessons have now been passed on to us as we now wait for Jesus to come. He really asked them to consider three things. He asked them to be prepared, to be involved in their community of people and to be compassionate. Of course, the third desire of Jesus is the one we will focus on today. We have the opportunity to show compassion by giving to those in need. Let’s end up on “The Right Side of The Issue” this next week!


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