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The World is a Big Place, Leaders Make Room by Tony Dishman


There is one thing for sure. Jesus attracts a crowd. We can certainly relate to the attraction of large crowds here in Kansas City this week. I was a little surprised when I saw the massive crowd in downtown KC this past Tuesday morning. Not because I am an simple Indiana boy from a small town, or because I have never experienced a winner or champion. (Remember I am a Colts fan!) I was a bit surprised because, until I experienced the past few weeks and months, I had kind of lost my faith in whether something that provides happiness, healing, community, joy, love, family and opportunity could attract a large following. My measure has been the church and well, the church has not as a whole performed well in recent years.

However, as I said before, the past few months here at Heartland watching a team of individuals working together and having the enjoyment of watching our Kansas City Royals team work ,my faith has been strengthened. The qualities I shared earlier, when shared among a team of people working to form a family atmosphere will still draw a large crowd. It is God’s plan by the way. He told us they would be attracted to Him by our love for each other. People are drawn to awesome things. God and His church are awesome! That raises the question. What happens next? This is the question that creates the need for God to have leaders who make room. Leaders at the local church level.


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