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Creating a Culture of Hospitality by John Turner


In her book titled The Work of the Greeter, Paige Lanier Chargois says, "a good greeting ministry will:

•Significantly affect visitor impressions
•Help to transform visitors to members
•Increase the perceived warmth of the congregation •Raise the level of excellence expected in your

•Deepen the overall quality of hospitality in your

•Change the concept of hospitality from being food-

centered to emphasizing fellowship, outreach, and

•Enable members to move beyond themselves in a

new outreach
•Help members to derive as much benefit as visitors •Instill pride and increase friendliness even among


Here at Heartland we have designated "greeters" who meet you with a friendly face and a warm reception. It is a good feeling to walk into a place with this experience. This type of experience is especially important for our guests. What if our greeting ministry was an all-member ministry about which all Heartland Church of Christ members were passionate? That would go a long way in accomplishing all the developments listed above.

In four of Paul's letters, he says to greet one another with a holy kiss. In today's culture we may not actually practice holy kisses, but we can still practice the principle behind it.

We should greet each other in accordance with the blessedness of our relationship as holy brothers and sisters of Christ. What impression would those types of greetings make on our guests? Would they see Jesus there?


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