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Immanuel by Tony Dishman


The season is upon us in which many in the world at least acknowledge the birth of Jesus.  As Christians we have been left with a responsibility. In Matthew 28: 19-20 Jesus instructed all believers to go into all the world and teach them the story of Jesus.  Obviously the story of Jesus’ physical life includes a beginning and end.  The virgin birth of Jesus is a miracle that rivals the miracle of death, burial and resurrection.  Like the end of Jesus’ life the beginning was also rooted in Old Testament prophesy. Isaiah the prophet shared the prophesy of the virgin birth some 700 years before Mary delivered.  He proclaimed that the baby would be called Immanuel and would mean God with us.  “The Great Commission” leads us to a life of sharing this story with the world.  This responsibility is to be carried out each and every day not just once a year.  Each day we make the choice to share Jesus we can be assured that Immanuel is with us!


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