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Winning Life's Battles by Tony Dishman


The account of the battle between Jehoshaphat and Moabite and Ammonite armies is one broken into three distinct divisions. Within these three divisions we can take away a strategy for winning the battles we fight in our own life. Our battles against fear, anger, dread and grief are no different then those that Jehoshaphat faced when considering the size, strength, and reputation of his enemy. Jehoshaphat’s victory in this battle is played out in three chapters. The first is Jehoshaphat prays to God for deliverance from the situation. He prays for victory. The second is that Jehoshaphat listens and hears God’s response. In hearing God he is obedient to his wishes through faith. The third is simply enjoying the victory and God’s favor earned by his obedience, faith and courage. This same formula can, and should be applied to our daily life battles. God continually provides when we stop, pray, listen, and praise in celebration. May we all enjoy God’s favor in our day to day battles and be blessed by the celebration in praise to God!


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