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A Very Important Witness by Tony Dishman


The month of March will include Easter Sunday. As we progress toward the Sunday designated by the world to acknowledge the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus we should find hope and blessing that we see the gospel as something to share every day of our lives. The resurrection chapter of the gospel is of most importance. The gospel includes the darkest and brightest days of the world’s history all in a time period of about 3 days. In 1st Corinthians 15 the apostle Paul writes about his testimony of seeing a risen savior. His experience in seeing Jesus made him a very special witness to the story. The tests that all of us use to prove out a story are represented in the list of witnesses provided by Paul. In himself Paul provides a witness that was objective and in fact had to be won over. As we work our way toward Easter Sunday, my hope is that we can take the testimony Paul offers of the bright spot in the gospel story and develop our own way of sharing that message with others.


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