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I Serve A Risen Savior by Tony Dishman


As we continue to study 1st Corinthians 15, the importance of the resurrection becomes even more evident. Paul is working to establish that without the resurrection Christianity has no foundation. This week we will look specifically at 1st Corinthians 15:12-19. These are passages that clearly share Paul’s Spirit led view of the importance of the resurrection. His challenge is to make this point in the cultural environment which includes deep belief in Greek philosophy rooted in the teachings of Plato. Another challenge Paul faced came from the Sadducees. Even though the Old Testament scriptures taught that resurrection was possible, there were Jews living in Corinth that refused to believe.

Many of Paul’s struggles are still prevalent today. As Christians, we battle the ideologies of Materialists, Darwinists and Agnostics. Our battle plan is one founded in love and purpose. Our purpose is to introduce them to Jesus and the gospel. Obviously, the highest hurdle of this process is getting those who believe in some of this ideology to believe in the resurrection. Our conviction and dedication to our faith is huge in the testimony we share. If in the darkest and most difficult times we continue to love, then those believing some other way will begin to ask why. It is in this moment that we can share a gospel anchored to the death, burial, and most importantly, the resurrection of Jesus. Our message of love is that because He loved us enough to rise from the grave we can die to ourselves and one day be raised with Him in eternity. The integrity of the gospel is why the resurrection is important.


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