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Life Lesson #1 by Tony Dishman


The idea of loving God and loving each other is one of those things that looks easier than it really is. In fact, many Christians who are surveyed, report having doubt whether they are proficient at this command. Obedience to this command is not only important, but essential. To the Christian the greatest command Jesus gave was to love God and love those living in the world with us, (neighbor). What some do not realize, is that this command was given to God’s people immediately upon them receiving the law. Yes, God gave His people very specific commands of things to do and things not to do. However, Deuteronomy 6:1-9 tells us the summary of His law was to love God and love those we have been created with. This was lesson number one in the Jewish home. To this day, pious Jews practice a daily reading of the “Shema”. In the Hebrew language. This word means “hear”. If this command meant so much then, and Jesus included the same command in His teaching, my hope would be that Christians today are practicing daily to love God and love their neighbors. This is truly lesson number one in the Christian home. As we recognize new life in three of our Christian families today, my prayer would be that each child be raised in a home that loves God and loves those that they share life on this earth with.


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