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Pure In Heart by Tony Dishman


There is a wonderful musical that I have watched called “Honk”. The musical is the story of the ugly duck. One of the songs in the musical is “Warts and All”. This song tells the story of a character that is going to be loved warts and all. I thought of the song while reading the book “The End of Me” by Kyle Idleman. Idleman deals with authenticity issues in chapter 4 and bases his discussion for the blessing Jesus says those who are pure in heart will enjoy. The question that came to my mind is why we are so worried about being authentic. Idleman says we are concerned primarily with what people around us think. We want people to see us at our best and hide our warts. In many cases we will throw authenticity out the window to make others believe we are in better shape than we really are. I believe purity of heart begins and ends with authenticity. God needs others to see our warts. He needs us to use those warts as testimony of how He uses them to bring Him glory. One thing is for certain. God loves us warts and all.


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