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Breaking Barriers by Tony Dishman


Navigating life on this earth is difficult. Mankind has erected a number of barriers Christians must deal with each day. Those of us who consider ourselves Christ followers must look to the life of Jesus for direction on clearing the barriers in our paths. In John chapter 4 there is a text that is very familiar to most of us. The story of when Jesus met a woman at a well outside the town of Sychar in Samaria. The story makes it clear that this woman is despised by the Jews and at best an outcast of her own community. So many sermons have taught the encounter from different perspectives that it is near impossible to come at the story from a direction never taken. However, today I would like to study the encounter Jesus has with this woman focusing on the barriers that were present. Jesus demonstrates how to go around, over, and through the barriers of gender, race, social class and sexuality that mankind built to discourage evangelism. To be Christ followers we are to be like Christ. To be like Christ, we must become competent in working through the barriers to evangelism present in our modern culture.


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