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Perfect Peace by Tony Dishman


Perfect peace is difficult to find. In a world filled with turmoil such as the terrible shooting this past week finding peace is nearly impossible. We live in a world where turmoil and strife will always be present. There is hatred in the world that does not stop with the exchange of words. People all over the world are becoming targets for hate that focuses on any individual that doesn’t believe as another group of people feel they should. This type of hate and turmoil is very similar to the time of Isaiah the prophet. In Isaiah 26 the prophet writes a message of hope that is found in “Perfect Peace”. This peace mentioned is found in the relationship a believer has with God. God and God only can give us peace when we find ourselves in the midst of turmoil like our nation endured this week. One may look toward organizations, community, or government for peace, but as for me, I will seek peace that is of God and from God. Perfect Peace is that which comes from above!


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