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Freedom Is Not Free by Tony Dishman


Tomorrow we will celebrate freedom as a country. There will be families and friends spending time barbecuing, swimming, playing yard games and ending the night with some awesome fireworks. I want to take a moment to simply remind us that the freedom we celebrate was not and is not free. Thousands of men and women have paid the ultimate price of giving their lives to secure our freedom. Take some time tomorrow in the groups you are celebrating in and say a prayer for those who have given it all and their families. While you are at it, I want to encourage you to take a moment and remember that our spiritual freedom was not free either. Jesus paid the price of His life so we could worship, love, encourage and grow together. I pray that all of us take the time to pray and thank God for the gift of freedom and are mindful that each time we practice our freedom someone ultimately paid for our ability to do so. God called us to be free. Free Indeed!


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