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Mustard Seed Kind of Faith by Tony Dishman


In the film “Little Boy” there is a character who is a young boy. His father is away at war in WW II. The movie depicts the boy’s willingness to do almost anything to bring his father home alive. The little boy demonstrates the attributes of faith, hope and love as he lives out a willingness to listen to God and His teachings hoping it will bring home his father. The movie takes its viewers through the journey of ups and downs for this boy in his faith. Life is like that. Often, it seems that the things that are obstacles to our happiness and joy are as big as the widest and tallest mountains you can imagine. Jesus uses the illustration of a mustard seed in 2 places of scripture. In Matthew 13 Jesus uses the mustard seed and teaches that something as small as the beginning of the Kingdom on earth (12 earthly men) would eventually become identified as a group of people the world would rely and rest upon. In the second place Jesus uses the mustard seed to illustrate that individual faith has a small beginning but can grow into something capable of moving those mountains that are obstacles in our path. This morning I want to look at the lessons Jesus taught in regard to faith using the illustration of a mustard seed. My hope is that through this time together, we will all begin to grow in Spirit just like Jesus describes in His parables.


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