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A Servant's Priorities by Tony Dishman


God uses creation to serve creation. Sounds funny but this statement is actually very true. God created you to serve and be served. Like me, you have probably figured out that service is something that one often must be very intentional about. In fact service must be made a priority to happen as God desires. A problem that has been in the making for some time is that Christians struggle to set their priorities. We are pulled in so many directions and Satan often finds this to be the perfect place to gain a foothold in our lives. He uses our sinful nature to drive our desires and in our sometimes fragile and exhausted states we begin to set really bad priorities. My desire this morning is for every listener to hear one theme. The kingdom needs you and you need the kingdom! I believe most Christians would agree with this statement. If this is the truth then the kingdom must be our priority. I pray this morning that this lesson helps us be encouraged to review our priorities and where needed make spiritually driven adjustments.


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