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Impact Lesson 1 by Tony Dishman


This morning we begin a series of lessons I am calling “Impact”. We will spend the next few weeks looking at the different ways Jesus impacts our lives. Lesson one is “Impacted By Jesus”. In today's lesson, we will look at the church from a perspective of cause and effect. We know that in the 1800’s the Churches of Christ were part of a movement known as the reformation movement. The desire of those who led God’s people into this reformation was to re-establish a church that one sees in the book of Acts and throughout the rest of the New Testament. An important thing to remember is that the church seen in Acts is actually the effect of what happened between Jesus and His followers in the Gospels. It is in this way that Jesus impacted the church and all of His people. It was not the rules, disciplines, or specific approaches that made the church in Acts explosive and dynamic. It was love practiced in obedience, discipleship, encouragement, hospitality, servanthood, prayer and worship. All of the characteristics were caused by the example of Jesus in His teachings found in the gospels. What are the Gospels? They are Jesus’ impact on the church and His people. We have all been impacted one way or the other.


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