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Impact Lesson 3 by Tony Dishman


On this day in 2001 prayer became a method used by many to cope with the tragic event we recognize as 9/11. As many of you, I remember my location on that day. I had just entered the office at Fairlawn Church of Christ.  One of our elders served as our secretary and he sat at the front desk with his head bowed. He was engaged with God in fervent prayer. His prayer, in this moment, so intense that he was in tears. Upon his finishing, I asked what was the matter and he turned on the TV monitor in the office. It is in that moment I learned that the towers had been hit and, in the mind of most, we were at war. The way God intervened with myself and the church in Muncie was through prayer. We met that evening, which was a Tuesday evening, and prayed together as a congregation. A number of folks from the local neighborhood joined us. We spent time in prayer and then in song. As I prepare for the message this week I find myself asking a simple question. I wonder how things would be different if we practiced this type of prayer more often. I feel secure that doing so would be very pleasing to God. I want to challenge both myself and this congregation to be prayer focused the remainder of this year and into the future.


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