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Impact Lesson 4 by Tony Dishman


If you were to be arrested leaving here today and charged with being a Christian, would those arresting you have enough evidence beyond your presence here to convict you? While this seems like a silly question, it actually is not to many who meet in the name of Jesus each week in places around the globe. One might say that we have it good here in the United States. One might also say that not being persecuted or threatened with persecution has created in us a Christianity that is challenged in the way of authenticity. It may bother some today to ask whether their Christianity is real. It made me a bit uncomfortable in writing the question. However, this question is essential. Real Christianity is becoming more and more difficult to find and even harder to define. In Acts chapter 4, we see a church impacted by a mission described all the way back in the Psalms of David. I pray we might be able to see the same mission and make that mission our own here at Heartland.


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