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Grace, Free Will and Judgment by John Turner


Have you ever heard of Tom's of Maine? Tom's of Maine is a company that produces personal hygiene products, like toothpaste. Tom Chappell, the CEO, was 43 years old when he led the company through a period of aggressive growth. He became very wealthy and many people told him to sell the company, retire, and sit on a beach somewhere where the weather is nice. Burned out and tired from all the hard work, retirement sounded good to Tom until a minister's wife convinced Tom that his company was not simply a way to make money. She said the company was his ministry. This struck Tom and, instead of retiring, Tom enrolled at Harvard Divinity School. Tom graduated in four years and the lessons he learned there motivated him to adopt a new plan for his company. Profit would no longer be the main priority. Moral and ethical values would take top billing, including generosity to the poor and giving back to the community.

Tom made a decision about what kind of company his would be based on his relationship with God.
Joshua urged the Israelites to decide for themselves what kind of people they were going to be now that they had land, homes, a dog and a cat. How were they going to run their businesses, their families, and their lives? Joshua said "Choose this day for yourselves whom you will serve." Joshua encouraged their relationship with God to be the deciding factor in how they ran their lives. Will you do the same?


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