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Power of Words 2.0 by Jeff Adair


As we celebrate another Teen led worship here at Heartland and welcome new Deacons into their new roles, let us remember that there is a whole generation ready to listen and learn from us. I will be sharing some statistics with you this morning regarding the Millennial generation and how they perceive God’s Word. I would like for us to meditate on the information and see how we can help build up the next generation of leaders to be the Lions of The Gospel we are called to be. Because of the men and women that have been unashamed in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with their families for generations, the young men and women that I minister to are full of God’s Holy Spirit. I would like to thank all of the families for never giving up sharing Jesus, even when struggling in their own personal lives. God didn’t create us to give up. Thank you for not listening to the Devil and listening to God!


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