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Today's Gospel by Tony Dishman


Did you ever see the 1997 movie entitled, “The Apostle” starring Robert Duvall as the preacher/apostle? Here’s a short take on that movie.

Eulis 'Sonny' Dewey is a preacher from Texas living a happy life with his beautiful wife Jessie. Suddenly his stable world crumbles: Jessie is having an affair with a young minister Horace. Sonny gets enraged and hits Horace with a softball bat, putting him into a coma. After that he leaves town, takes a new name, 'Apostle E.F.' and goes to Louisiana. There, he starts to work as a mechanic for local radio station owner Elmo, and Elmo lets him preach on the radio. E.F. starts to preach everywhere: on the radio, on the streets, and with his new friend, Reverend Blackwell he starts a campaign to renovate an old church.

It was a pretty good movie, in the sense that Duvall played his part well, but his life was not what I’d call the life of a true apostle. In the first place, he was never qualified to be an apostle just like preachers today who might call themselves apostles of Christ. In the second place, Duvall did not live the Christian life. You just don’t go around beating up people with a ball bat. You may want to, but you don’t do that. You don’t give in to your sinful nature to that extent. Maybe to a lesser extent we do, however. In the strictest sense of

the word “apostle,” there are none today. In the broader sense of the word we all could be apostles.

The word “apostle” means “one sent.” Or one set apart. In the strictest sense of the word there were only 12 apostles who were set apart for a special ministry. But we, too, are sent into this world by the great commission. Of course, I wouldn’t go around calling myself an apostle because someone might call you on it!

Written By Steve Shepherd

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