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Obey Your Thirst by John Turner


One our our goals in 2017 is to be a community of believers who are inspired by God’s Word. We believe time spent reading God’s Word is essential to Spiritual formation and maturity, teaching us how to be followers of Christ while equipping us to do good works. We believe that if we commit to reading the Bible more as a group, we will become more faithful, loving, peaceful, and forgiving as a group. That’s why the challenge has been issued in 2017 to commit to daily Bible reading. Our goal is that the believers at Heartland will collectively read 100,000 chapters in 2017. Just imagine how that much time in God’s Word can transform your life!

In order to track the number of chapters we are reading, please indicate how many chapters your family has cumulatively read during the week on the attendance card each Sunday morning.

You may also make a weekly post on Heartland’s facebook page, or e-mail the office if you prefer.
Won’t it feel great to celebrate together as a family at the end of the year; 100,000 chapters read in the Bible. Let’s make it happen!


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