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God's Hand by Jeff Adair


  1. The first thing that the Israelites did when they reached the other side of the Red Sea was__________________ _________________________________________________

  2. I can see God’s Hand in my life doing___________ _________________________________________________

  3. What situation has caused you to be bitter? Why?________ _________________________________________________

  4. What does Jesus tell Martha about being too busy? _________________________________________________

  5. When we give up our wandering and fully commit our lives to Christ____________________________________________

Scripture references: Exodus 15-16; Luke 10:38-42; John 6:41

I have always loved the story of the Exodus. The Israelites have just been redeemed by God and brought out of Egypt and then they are forced to wander the wilderness for close to 40 years. God wants to come and live with them but they cannot keep his commandments. Have you ever come to a situation that you expected different results? Israel grumbles against God because they cannot drink some water that they find. By Moses’ prayer, God grants them water to drink. Our bitterness can be changed through the power of the same God that changed that water into sweet. They also grumbled about not having any bread to eat. In the New Testament Jesus calls Himself, “The Bread of Life.” I will be unpacking this for us today. Let’s listen to what Jesus is saying when He says He is the bread that came from heaven.


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