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Arms Wide Open by Tony Dishman


There are many moments in life which lend to marking our personal journey’s. In my personal life I think of things such as the divorce of my parents, the remarriage of my mother, the blizzard of 1978, the Iran hostage crisis, the first football game I played in high school, my first prom, the first kiss, my graduation night, my diagnosis with cancer, the first date with my wife, our wedding day, and our first vacation to the beach. None of these events come close to the wonderful blessing of the births of our three children. This is a blessing God gives to many of us that cannot be matched. A child enters this world with “Arms Wide Open”. The child’s arms open wide to the love of it’s parents and the parent’s arms open to love their new-born child. What I pray we will learn this week is that God’s “Arms Are Wide Open” as well. When the blessing is given to us His desire is to have that blessing given back to him so that His Spirit my dwell in the life of the family and especially the child in it’s journey through life.


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