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The Good Wife by Todd Truax


Todd brings us a lesson on what God has to say about being a good wife
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The Good Husband by Todd Truax


Todd teaches us that being a good husband is one way we bring glory to God, and He has given us the tools we need to succeed in His Word.
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What's Right with the Church by Todd Truax


Todd Truax tells us the great things about the church when all we seem to hear are the negative things.
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Are You Ready for the Master? by John Turner


John Turner tells us about serving the One True Master
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The Difference Maker by Todd Truax


Without a resurrection, Paul wrote that "our preaching is useless and so is our faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God."
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Contentment in Christ by Jeff Adair


Paul tells the Philippians the secret to being content, Jeff Adair teaches us about that secret.
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Who Completes You


To love the wrong person, to love the wrong way, or to love someone too much can lead to eternal separation from God.
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What Wood You Worship by Todd Truax


Something related to God can become and idol-like worship or a Bible. Satan is no dummy, his goal is to lead us away from God through deception, and he has a great deal of experience at it.
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Choose Whom Will You Serve by Todd Truax


The only way our desire for true lasting pleasure can be fully satisfied is by loving and serving others.
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What Idolatry Really Is by Todd Truax


Todd Truax tells us what Idolatry is to God in this first part of his sermon series on Idolatry
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