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Sharing our Hearts with Vision by Tony Dishman


Every individual who puts on Christ in baptism enters into the living of Christian life. We tell people all the time that living as a Christian is not something you do, it is someone you are.
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Where Do I Begin? by Todd Truax


Todd brings us part one in a series on Evangelism, starting a conversation.
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Revealing A Hidden God by Todd Truax


Todd Truax gives us five ways that God reveals Himself to us.
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God's Plan for Dad by Todd Truax


Fathers have been given a special responsibility from God to lead and manage their families, but they also have a Father who leads them as well.
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The Swinging Gate by John Turner


To be a follower of Jesus and to know what He has done of us, is to have a superabundance of life.
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This Changes Everything by Todd Truax


Lasting change takes effort. The good news is that the Lord understands how difficult it is to change, and knows we need to change in order to enter His kingdom.
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A Relationship With God by Jake Morris


Jake Morris teaches us about the 3 main points of building a strong relationship with our God.
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An Unlikely Hero by Todd Truax


What is it that causes some persons to willingly sacrifice so much, and others to avoid any sacrifice at all?
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The Good Child by Todd Truax


Todd invites the children to come on stage and listen to a message about the greatest in the kingdom.
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Motherhood: A Particularly Vigorous Type of Christian Living by John Turner


John Turner tells us how much strength and determination it takes to be a Christian mother.
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