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A Servant's Priorities by Tony Dishman


God uses creation to serve creation. Sounds funny but this statement is actually very true. God created you to serve and be served. Like me, you have probably figured out that service is something that one often must be very intentional about.
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Mustard Seed Kind of Faith by Tony Dishman


Jesus teaches us about having faith in one of His many Parables.
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Freedom Is Not Free by Tony Dishman


Tomorrow we will celebrate freedom as a country. There will be families and friends spending time barbecuing, swimming, playing yard games and ending the night with some awesome fireworks. I want to take a moment to simply remind us that the freedom we ce
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The Strength Of The Ox by John Turner


Have you ever walked out to your car and realized you left your windows down after it rained overnight? I have. I've accidentally left tools out in the yard overnight that got wet. These things are frustrating because we depend on our tools and our techno
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Perfect Peace by Tony Dishman


Perfect peace is difficult to find. In a world filled with turmoil such as the terrible shooting this past week finding peace is nearly impossible. We live in a world where turmoil and strife will always be present.
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Breaking Barriers by Tony Dishman


Navigating life on this earth is difficult. Mankind has erected a number of barriers Christians must deal with each day. Those of us who consider ourselves Christ followers must look to the life of Jesus for direction on clearing the barriers in our paths
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Temptation by Jeff Adair


Jeff brings us a lesson on Jesus' temptation and how it is a story of our spiritual growth.
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Discerning God's Will by John Turner


John brings us a lesson on following God's will.
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Pure In Heart by Tony Dishman


Tony brings us a lesson on how easy it is to put on a front for other people but not to God.
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Humility Found In A Mother's Love by Tony Dishman


Tony brings us a lesson on how important our Mother's are.
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