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Followers of Christ by Dr. Huffard


Dr. Everett Huffard brings us a lesson on what kind of followers Christ wants us to be.
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Leaders Christ Wants by Dr. Everett Huffard


This class taught by Dr. Huffard focuses on the leaders Christ calls us to be.
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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's forgiveness! by John Turner


In physician Ira Byock's book called The Four Things That Matter Most, Dr. Byock identifies the basic messages that people most need to speak and hear as they face death.
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ForGIVEness by John Turner


Consider your own sinfulness and the way God forgives your sins through Christ.
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God as Center by Clark Morris


Our Deacon of worship brings us a message on keeping God as the center of our everything.
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Spiritual Networking by Jake Morris


Many times a roadblock within our own spirituality is the block of social interaction with others. Our Creator made us to be social beings, so that we may share our own spiritual strifes, accomplishments and beliefs with our brothers and sisters in Christ
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Public Faith by John Turner


After the Samaritan woman shared her testimony with the people she knew, and brought them to Jesus, the people believed that Jesus was the "Savior of the world" (Jn 4:42).
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Obey Your Thirst by John Turner


One our our goals in 2017 is to be a community of believers who are inspired by God’s Word.
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The Inspiration of Scriptures by John Turner


In his book, The Pursuit of God, A. W. Tozer notes, "The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God....
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God's Mission Statement by John Turner


In Luke's gospel account, Mary receives a message from an angel named Gabriel. Mary will have a child who "will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.
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