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Grace, Love and Mercy by Jeff Adair


The Parable of the Lost/Prodigal Son is an awesome story about how God’s love, grace and mercy are ever flowing. We are made in His image but yet, we continue to fall short and He picks us up, dusts us off and gets us back in the game. Without grace, I would not be standing up on that stage today. I was a sinner who repented and found out what God’s grace is capable of. When I gave my life to Christ through baptism, I was filled with the same power that rose Jesus from the grave. That power tells me to tell people about how God loves them and will continue to love them even when they mess up. It’s ok, grace is not an excuse to sin, but rather a reason to love and serve Him more fully! We receive gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and for being good spouses all the time. But those gifts can’t compare to Jesus Christ dying for us so that we can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and be washed clean from our sin. As we walk in the world this week, let us show others the grace and mercy our loving Father has bestowed upon us.


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