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Humility Found In A Mother's Love by Tony Dishman


This day in America has been designated to recognize those who have been blessed to be mothers. Being a mother is truly a blessing from God. This blessing goes beyond biology and embarks in spirituality. While Mary was biologically the mother of Jesus she was also called to be spiritually strong by the nature of her pregnancy. Without humility Mary would have found a great deal of difficulty fulfilling the responsibility God placed upon her. In scripture the response Mary offers to the messenger included in the Gospel of Luke is very telling. Mary cites humility as priority in her ability to carry out the task of birthing and raising the Son of God. In our culture, and especially in the church, God places upon His family the responsibility of training our young ones to be humble. Whether a biological mother or a spiritual mother, the task to the youngest of our flock is the same. Raise them all in humility to love God and love those who are neighbors to them. The lesson this morning is meant to recognize the mother’s in our family who biologically gave birth but also to identify with the responsibility all women have in helping our young ones to grow in humility and love. Men don’t feel left out as I have plans for you next month.


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