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A Shield About Me by Dalton Dishman


God is our shield. We should always seek refuge and strength, even in

times of discomfort and trials in our life. Sometimes we need the support and love God provides to make it through these struggles. David demonstrates this strength in 2 Samuel 15. Even as Absalom has kicked David out of his kingdom, and David feels betrayed, he still turns to God. Through giving the situation to God, in prayer, David lets God carry him through. Many times we let ourselves fall victim to depression and anger in our own lives. Sometimes, it’s good to just take a step away and give the situation to God. He will carry us through. With the strength and guidance that God provides, we will find ourselves on the other side of our problems. Often, with a different outcome than what we expected. God’s will leads us to new places and calls us to serve. But first, we have to let God’s will take place by finding refuge in the fact that he is our Shield. I pray this morning that we will all let God be our shield. And, we let his will take place, no matter where it leads us.


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