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Impact Lesson 2 by Tony Dishman


In Lesson 2 of our series “Impact,” I want us to look at the impact Jesus has on a community and in turn the impact a community has on the individual. Together we will look at the community of believers from Acts chapter 2 and the individual impacted by Jesus and His disciples seen in Luke chapter 5. Heartland is an amazing congregation. We have been blessed in so many ways by God. The most important blessing is the impact Jesus has on our community. He has made a difference in so many lives. He has encouraged, strengthened, healed, and guided so many in this congregation. Our challenge as a community is obedience to God’s expectation of using that impact to impact others. As a community of believers, we are here in this place and in this time to have an impact. Jesus set the standard in His impact on us. Now it is our opportunity through testimony, love, and service to share that blessing with others.


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