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Power of Words by Jeff Adair


Today, we will be taking a look at a couple of different stories given to us by God so that we may learn more about His Kingdom. We will start in the Old Testament with a story some may not be familiar with, The Bronze Serpent. It is a great story of how God listens to His people and reminds them who they should stay focused on. It is so easy for us to forget why we are here and who we are to serve while here on earth with the expectations society puts on everyone. When God gave Moses a solution/anecdote to remind Israel on whom they should turn when they need healing, it was a reminder that God will always have our backs. For centuries, the symbol that has represented “healing” has been a snake on a stick. You will still see this symbol at most hospitals. This story in Numbers 21 about the serpent on a stick being raised up, is what Jesus Christ used to help Nicodemus understand what Jesus was doing. This conversation between Jesus and a high leader in the Sanhedrin was recorded for us to remember on whom we should focus and who we should lead others to know and fall in love with, Jesus Christ. As we go out into our week, let the words we use be a bronze serpent to the world. Let them be a reminder of how awesome God is, and how loving He is that He sent His only Son to die so that we can spend eternity with Him.


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