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In God We Trust by Tony Dishman


We are living in a time that patriotism, faith, and Christian-based moral principles are under attack. The election cycle always highlights this cultural development. Many people have asked me recently who I intend to vote for in the November election. Like most, I am not willing to share that information. The conversation usually moves into a deeper discussion of how a Christian can vote and have any conviction considering the pool of candidates. I want to take a couple of weeks this month and attempt to answer that question. I feel strongly that a Christian should make every effort to be independent in their political view. Obviously, even ministers are not void of having political opinions. They just need to be careful in how they express those convictions so they do not hurt their brothers and sisters in Christ. The bottom line is that our church family and relationship with Jesus takes precedence over our President. In today’s lesson we are going to cover some of the ideology in the establishment of our government and then the theology we can use in preparing to vote faithfully as a Christian in November.


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