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Putting Legs On The Temple by John Turner


When is the last time you completed a home improvement project? It likely included hard work, unexpected obstacles, and several trips to the hardware store. But when a project is completed and the work is done, it is nice to take pride in the improvement that was made. The hard work paid off. Humans are geared to take on projects and we were made to work and improve our piece of the world. Yes, we fail at this on many levels because we are sinful, but we still gain a sense of worth when we have a project to work on.
Ephesians 2:19-21 depicts Christians as a temple. Perhaps this seems odd, but the temple in Jerusalem was supposed to represent hope, restoration with God, and forgiveness of sins. As a walking temple, the church can now take these elements (the gospel) to the people, rather than people coming to one geographic location. This is our project. It is THE improvement project and nothing should give us more sense of worth than bringing God to the people. And we look to Jesus as our example of what a walking temple does and where a walking temple goes.


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