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Now What? by Jeff Adair


Today we are celebrating six graduating seniors from our youth group. Please take time to encourage them in this next amazing step in life. They are: Emily Azpell, Jackson Bridgeman, Dalton Dishman, Aileen Martinez, Jake Morris and Ryan Rippy. Since I have the great responsibility of being their youth minister, I have been blessed to get to know these young people’s hearts, and I am very excited to see what God is going to do through them as they mature. These young adults will eventually become leaders in the church and as an older generation, we should welcome them just as the Jerusalem church welcomed Gentile believers into the faith. They are going to have ideas and talents to help spread the Gospel and to help unify God’s Kingdom. Let us not stifle that dialogue with the help of The Holy Spirit that was poured out unto us when we gave our life to Jesus through baptism. Acts 15 tells us the story of the first major decision the church had to make. It teaches me that there was open discussion and everyone was obedient to the final decision made by the apostles and elders, as we should be obedient to the decisions that our elders make here at Heartland. This process is being worked on through our search committee. There are a wide range of people in that group that are coming to a decision to help this church in doing God’s Will in finding our next pulpit minister. I know the committee is working hard and asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit in their quest. Let’s be excited about new opportunities, new faces, new relationships that will be established in the coming year for not only Heartland but for these six seniors!


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