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Grace Is Gonna Catch Ya by Jeff Adair


We have been going through the Bible book by book at the Teen house on Sunday mornings and this week we will be journeying through the book of Joshua. While I was prepping my lesson for the youth group, the story of Rahab struck a different cord with me than it has in the past. God showed His grace and redemption to a Gentile who had heard and believed that the God of Israel was the true God of heaven and earth. Her reaction to the coming days of Israel taking over the land of Canaan was one of true faith and humility. She first wanted to keep her family safe before she even mentions herself. Rahab and her family tied a scarlet cord in her window to let Israel know that her family would be saved. This led me to the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant and the teaching that Jesus used to describe how we are to treat others when we have been so well treated by God. Let us make sure that no one misses out on the grace of God this week as we strive to give the same amount of grace that we have been given.


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