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The Grind week 2 by Jeff Adair


As we dive in to week two of our series ‘The Grind’ about The Apostle Paul’s ministry, we find ourselves in Philippians. Paul is writing this letter to a group of believers who have supported him throughout his missionary journeys and he is writing them to remind them to be joyful in all of their circumstances. Just like we discussed in our first lesson two weeks ago, we are called to suffer to be more like Jesus. Paul is telling the Philippian believers that all of his experiences as a “Hebrew of Hebrews” means nothing compared to knowing Jesus better. Our righteousness is found through our faith in Jesus Christ, when we give our life to Him through baptism, we have chosen to count everything we had as a loss compared to knowing Christ Jesus better. It should be easy to find joy in this, giving up our previous life in exchange for eternity spent with Jesus and our Heavenly Father. Now that brings me joy!


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